dimanche 19 juillet 2009

Aperitif/ Introduction

The power of emotions to affect us, to stimulate and encourage our behaviour has always been a source of fascination; the apprehension as well as the excitement of the goal of living.
The Recipe of emotions is an experiment to extract from the theme of cooking another understanding of emotion. It will focus more on processes, the fact of being in a movement of flow, which happens also during the creative process. Keeping the flow for the initial chapters and engaging in all the complex connected points, I will separate the ingredients from the utensils, the temperature and time of cooking… I hope that by using a cooking vocabulary I may be able to offer a more sensitive language to write carefully about inexpressible emotions.
Creating mixed media textiles, this dissertation is an occasion for me to mix cooking and emotions to work out the interest of a mixture. Creation has to shift our basic vision to respond to the perpetual movement of our way of living and come near to the nature of things. As food has very appealing sensual colours, and textures and emotions make us vibrate, they both present a sensitive and conceptual language that is very rich for a textile designer.
Moreover, they both give information about our identity construction and our impressionable perception. Data gathered in a questionnaire showed that characteristics between basic emotions and terms of cooking cross surprisingly to reinforce the physical pictures we have in mind. I created visual graphics that are an expressive representation of the space and the weight one emotion would be. The main interest of this essay is to come to another understanding of the meaning of process and to hopefully give you an original reading of the complex emotional machine.

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